Late Halloween Buys? Fugetaboutit. Unless you think Vintage.

So at this point, pretty much anywhere you go looking for a Halloween costume – you’re not going to have any luck. We can say that with whole hearted confidence. Those last minute, cheesy masks at CVS – sold out. Party City – forget about it. Walmart – do you really have time to stand in that long line and better question: is it worth it?

Before you start cutting up gym shirts in your closet to go out as a the person who forgot and is now a “zombie,” – consider a vintage shop. Where’s the one place that you can still get a costume and not be a carbon copy? Where can you get a costume and turn around and rock that thing to work? A vintage shop. We decided to help you out – because we’re nice like that – and put together some looks for you along with Shannan Fales of Junction Vintage.

These looks – some sexy, some funny, some dandy – will get you into the party and maybe a phone number. If nothing else, you got an original item to add to your closet and that my friends – is called a return on your Halloween investment.

So here we go:


1.  As the girls from clueless would say, “Um, like Helloooo?”


But you could also be a bit more classy and take a note from Jackie O.


2. Seriously, you can do better than this. Got spinach?



3. Flap, Flap ladies.


4. Maverick and Iceman. Wingman at a Halloween party.

Do we need to say more?


 6. Fight Club or Shaft? Only if you feel like kicking ass.


7. We see you Ms. Peggy Olsen.


8. When every little girl will be dressed like Elsa, school them on Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth-TaylorAnd for you truly lazy, last minute people – accessories do wonders also.



Have a happy and SAFE Halloween.

Don’t drink and drive and don’t skip tweed ride!

(This Sunday!)

For deets about Junction Vintage, check out their website at: http://www.junctionwdc.com/

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