‘Tis the Season for Giving – BRINK Hosts Charity “Hour of Code”

If you’re anything like us, then you can see through the phoniness of corporate holiday cheer. It’s hard to believe that big businesses like Walmart and Best Buy, who let their shoppers claw each other for savings really care about the holidays. It’s usually the little guys – the neighborhood businesses and people like you – who actually do.

In preparation for the holidays and our block party on Nov 29th, we thought we’d start to reflect on the things that we’re grateful for.

For starters, we’re grateful for the grant from the Small Business Development Program, that has allowed us to start this project. Without the support of the Historic Dupont Circle Main Street and the Department of Small and Local Business Development, we wouldn’t have this blog, this website or the opportunity to share our daily happenings with you. The ability to see more of you – our community and neighborhood on a daily basis is something we are very grateful for. And we’re also thankful for all the new faces too!

As a community here on 15th and U Street, we’ve started to ask ourselves: what else are we grateful for? Because we just knew there had to be more. And what started out as a simple question resulted in a laundry list of things to share with you. For now, we’ll start with BRINK – who has been instrumental in moving the 15th and U project on.

BRINK shared with us that they are most grateful for the opportunity to give back this year. For the first time, they will participate in “Hour of Code,” a hour introductory course to computer science aimed at young women and marginalized youth.

Coding, which is a booming global industry and increasingly vital to most companies, is not taught at 9 out of 10 schools in the US. That means that there will be a shortage of employees for increasing job openings and many of those jobs won’t be filled by women or people of color. When all it takes is some training to learn how to code and not even a college degree – it’s sad when you consider how many students graduate in debt and/or work minimum wage jobs to keep the lights on.

Teaching Computer science is way to pull people out of poverty, keep development jobs from being outsourced overseas and ensure that America stays at the forefront of the technological age. BRINK has decided to make this its newest mission.

On December 9th, as a part of Computer Science Education Week, BRINK will host a one hour “Introduction to Coding” course for Communication professionals. Tickets will sell for $100 each and all the proceeds will go to Byte Back, a local non-profit that provides computer literacy, IT certification training, and employment readiness to low-income District residents.

For more information about “Hour of Code” check out their EventBrite page (linked below), along with additional information about ByteBack.

When we started this process of asking ourselves: what are we grateful for? We thought the answer would be simply “we’re still in business.” But what we’ve learned from talking with BRINK and all of the other businesses is that – things like Shop Small Saturday are only a small part of what makes being a business owner satisfying. The reality is that being a business owner means you have the opportunity to impact your community and that’s what all of us are thankful for.

Cheers to the start of the holiday season!

BRINK’s Hour of Code Information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hour-of-code-demystifying-web-development-in-support-of-digital-literacy-tickets-5586730060

ByteBack: http://byteback.org/



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