There’s just no excuse to be not here. #FunkParade

Last year’s Funk Parade was the joint – are we right? So much so, that we’re now officially sponsoring it. It’s ok to say, “Funk Yeah,” we’re that excited about it too.

Now, if you happen to be in the neighborhood and feel like scoping out what we’re doing, here’s a quick rundown:

1. We’re kicking off a new mural. Like first layers of paint, everything. Cory Stowers, the artist behind Art Bloc  and the living murals project – he’s got something really sick…

2. It’s Free Comic Book Day, so expect Big Planet to have goodies.

3. Junction Vintage is having a 50% sidewalk sale – threads for days.

4. There will be a FREE keg – compliments of Hank the Beer Tank and BRINK Creative Digital. Root beer and ice cream floats on tap. Funky lounge out back.

5. Outdoor photo booth. And it’s free. Parlour Salon’s running the joint.

6. Secret Pleasures has all your treasures. Free samples, if you’re foxy.

7. Zawadi is having a sidewalk sale. Articles of funk on full display.

That’s all we’re announcing at the moment, Lettie Gooch and few others still have groovy surprises up their sleeves.

Can you dig?

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