#TBT Video: U Street in the 90s

1991 was 22 years ago.

Again – 1991 was TWENTY TWO years ago. Meaning people born in 1990 are now sitting next to you at a bar. Let that sink in.

If you grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons OR woke up to your kids watching Saturday morning cartoons, that era is now over. As of a few weeks ago, they stopped running cartoons in the morning. You’ll now have to tell your grandkids about dialtones, busy signals and Saturday morning cartoons. Imagine that.

You’ll probably also have to describe what U street use to look like since it seems to change everyday. And then we found this video. The perfect throwback.

If youtube still exists in the year god knows when, you can show this to your grandkids. Undoubtedly, they’ll be as confused by the 90’s video effects as we were but they’ll get the point. The vibe, the city was different.

When just last week we posted about a new business on the block (“New Bagel Shop Comes to 15th and U”), it’s seem appropriate now to post a throwback. Linked this vid to a few friends before finally deciding to share and every response was, “Oh, I remember that…”

Do you remember U Street circa 1991?


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