Sorta like Mister Rodger’s Neighborhood.

If you’ve been following along for the last few posts, you know that we’ve been slowly introducing you to the local businesses on 15th and U.

This is all in small, subtle doses of course. Similar to being weaned off of caffeine. Don’t snap at us though. This is meant to be a warm: “Hello and welcome to this cool block on U.”

Not that you probably haven’t passed by or even shopped here, but for some odd reason 15th and U doesn’t get the attention that it’s commercial-cousin 14th or it’s DuPont-your-collar friend gets. Enter this website.

Thanks to a grant from the city and the creative juices over at Brink Media, 15th and U is in for a revamp. Well, more of a spotlight on the 29 locally owned businesses that live here.

Urbanites have been yelling “We want local,” for awhile now, so the owners on this short strip, have banded together to help develop tourism, remind people of the rich, cultured history of the block and bring the locals out of their dens.

With a communal website, this very blog, and a host of creative overhauls – we’re hoping to see more of you around.

If Mr. Rodgers lived here, he’d ask “Would you be my neighbor?”



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