When Congress Stops By….

Ahhhhhh the perks of proximity. Living in the capital, an area rich with history, certainly has it’s advantages. We don’t want to brag or anything….but recently Congresswoman Eleanor Norton Holmes stopped by to shop with us.

And this wasn’t some willy nilly, she’s walking by and something-caught-her-eye type of thing – nope! – Congresswoman Norton decided she wanted to participate in a Plurro event our block was hosting.

“What’s a Plurro?” That’s exactly what we said when Kim Muhota, creator of Plurro, reached out to us about hosting his first event on U street. We thought it was something similar to churros (we were hungry, so sue us!) but we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Plurro is an app that allows local shoppers to connect with local businesses for a special window of sales. After downloading the app, any stores participating in a Plurro sale within a 20 mile radius will pop up in a list highlighting their particular sale. The more people that attend the event that higher the discount amount creeps.

For our first event, Junction Vintage, Merlot’s Masterpiece, Secret Pleasures, Parlour Salon and Lettie Gooch all agreed to participate. From 1:00 – 4:00PM, each of the stores offered a unique sale open only to Plurro users. Sales were conducted as usual but when the transaction was over, that’s when Plurro kicked in. Users asked the business owners for their particular code, entered it on their phones, and Plurro did the rest.

We managed to grabbed a few quick photos before Congresswoman Norton left to change the world.

Here she is at Lettie Gooch:


Norton in Lettie 1




Norton in Lettie 2


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