Can you #Pledge30?

So last week… or for the last few weeks to be exact, we’ve really espoused on the value of shopping small and shopping local. And this week is no different.

It’s easy to trumpet the virtues of small business. We can cite statistics about how small businesses employ 57% of the private workforce or how they’ve generated 60 to 80% of new jobs in our economic recovery. About how supporting small businesses keeps more of your neighbors employed and injects money directly into your local economy. We can use terms like “cornerstone of the community” and make a compelling emotional appeal for what it means to be a good neighbor or a good citizen.

You, like 93% of Americans, will likely nod your head in agreement.

But come holiday shopping season, there you will be, shuffling your way down the aisles of department stores as part of the herd, chasing the elusive big deal on cheap merchandise from overseas.

There are many great boutique retail stores that are on the brink of permanently shutting their doors, not because they provide an inferior service but because we aren’t even giving them a chance. Let’s move beyond the hollow platitudes about how important they are and make a conscious effort to take action, together.

We know many of us aren’t going to be boycotting national chains anytime soon, but we can still make an impact. Together, lets pledge to spend at least 30% of our gifting budget this holiday season at boutique retail and service providers in our local communities. We guarantee you will discover outstanding, unique gift options you could never get at the big box stores.

In addition, be sure to take part in Shop Small Saturday on November 29 as a statement of solidarity with your local business owners.

This year we are going to do more than talk. #pledge30



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