Insurance Pick Up Lines for the Modern Dame.

At this point, we’ve all seen the “Hey Girl, I’m Ryan Gosling,” webfest, no? The inter-nuts really know how to grab onto something and never let it go. Of course, it’s only interesting because Ryan Gosling is involved and he’s a bronze God. Men wanna be him and ladies wanna do him. So if we took the most boring subject ever – insurance –  and made our own pick-up lines, here’s what you’d get:

1. “Hey girl, Can I protect you…for life?”

2. “Hey girl, your car is looking raggedy, need the money to fix it?”

3. “Hey girl, I got a boat load… of money…from switching to Geico.”

4. “Hey girl, what’s your zip code? I got you covered.”

5. “Hey girl, I’m a giver. Pay out upon death.”

6. “Hey girl, I been watching  you for awhile now and I can see from the accident report we might be able to get you some money.”

7. “Hey girl, your eyes are beautiful. Are they insured?”

8. “Hey girl, why so down? Other company rates up?”

9. “Hey girl, I save lives for a living. I’ll doctor up some forms for you to fill out.”

and last but not least:

“Hey girl, where am I located? 15th and U. Been waiting 25 long years for you to stop by.”

That’s just our imagining of what Ryan Geez-I’m-Hot would say if he actually owned the Allstate company located at 1512 U st. Kenneth Swann and Anthony Guy, the account managers are guaranteed to be much more professional.

A girl can dream tho.

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