Funky Rehash.

So if you missed this past Saturday’s Funk Parade event, it’s safe to assume you probably live under a rock. Last year, it was estimated 30,000 people showed up. This year, that number doubled – if not tripled. We, for one, had a packed house.

If you showed up at 11:00AM, you probably saw the line wrapped around the block. That was the line for Big Planet Comics. Yes, “Free Comic Book Day,” drew a large crowd but it was partially because they only let a few people in a time. You would think that that would “T” the crowd off, but it’s nice to have room to browse after waiting 30+ minutes in line.

There was also “funky yoga on the grass” and those free root beer floats.

Between the sidewalk sales, the disco lounge at BRINK, and the live mural painting, our block managed to capture a nice crowd.

But why tell you, when you can show you?

Peep the cool shots we grabbed the day of: 



Mural Kickoff

Parlour's Photo Booth



DJ + Intern Freestyle Battle

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.05.20 PM



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