Bon Voyage Stupid Cupcakes.

Everyone seems to think store bought cupcakes are delicious. Everyone but the people who have smelled the sweet confections of a homemade cupcake.

If they didn’t have to cool down right out of the oven, they might have a shorter, counter-top life span but alas, they exist for 5 whole minutes after they’re done baking.

For some reason, bakers have decided to get involved and switch up the process on us. They’re selling these stiff, “under-a-gob-of-nasty-frosting” muffin tops. No one really likes them, but it’s “trendy” so we eat them. And now they got people at weddings serving them. This  cupcake boom is everywhere.

Every hip and urban area has at least one cupcake spot. Someone even had the bright idea to invest in a cupcake truck. Like we need cupcakes on the go. If you’re ever running late, well thank the gods someone invented a convenient way to get a cupcake quickly.

Sure, not every business owner has the funds to open a store front right away, but opening a spot with a single ticket item seems like a sure fire way to be out of business in a few years.

And sure enough,  research shows the fad is ending. Foodies have moved on something new. There are new juice bars cropping up. Every Bed, Bath and Beyond within google map radius is having a sale on blenders. So after the sweets have rotted our fangs, we need to detox.

But if you’re a chronic sweet tooth-er, then drinking smushed radishes is not going to cut it: “Give them cake or give them, diabetes please!”

Cakelove is a nice alternative. Eat pie. Or cake…in a jar. Or feel good about yourself and eat vegan. They sell those too.

There’s a cute little spot on the corner of 15th and U, that’s overlooked by the crowds looking to be seen on 14th. To avoid the lines and perhaps – grab a cupcake on the run – then you should stop by. It’s never busy but always yummy.

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