We’re having a Block Party – Nov 29th!

It’s one thing to talk the talk and another to walk the walk, right? At least that’s what we’ve always heard.

So after spending last week talking about the merits of shopping local and supporting your community – after going on and on about the whopping 80% that goes back into the community  – and EVEN after 6.3 billion dollars is generated in the district from sole proprietors, we at 15th & U decided we needed to do more. We needed to give less lip service and more action, so we’ve decided to host a…. *drum roll* ….BLOCK PARTY.

Using the momentum of American Express’s national movement, we’re joining forces as block to collectively participate in “Shop Small Saturday.”

With access to the free, universal assets provided by American Express, our small block on 15th and U – which is home to almost 30 different businesses – we will show solidarity and support of our diverse community.

On November 29th, we will show our spirit with balloons adorning our doors, lively music playing in each shop and welcome mats on the floor. Each store will have complimentary light refreshments from the local restaurants and the atmosphere will be set with a musical selection from Jojo’s, a jazz bar with live weekly performances. For the families visiting us, Merlot’s will be painting faces all day long.

In addition to the “Shop Small” insignia provided to us by American Express, this major shopping day is an opportunity for us a block to present 15&U as a larger project.

Our posters, pins and maps will be on display and given away to new and loyal shoppers. A receipt stamp given to every shop owner, will direct shoppers to our newly launched website: 15andU.com.

Instead of skipping dinner on Thanksgiving to wait outside in line, you could spend time with your family and support your community this holiday season.

Visit us on Shop Small Saturday this year, November 29th.

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