New Bagel Shop Comes to 15&U Street

No one is getting up extra early to eat a hearty breakfast and if you do, well good for you. You get to live in the nursing home a few more years than everyone else.

The rest of us eat nothing in the morning and it doesn’t matter how many times a talking head on the news has predicted imminent doom for skipping breakfast. Really, who the hell has time for it?

If it feels like we’re always ranting about food on this blog (see: “Bon Voyage Stupid Cupcakes”), it’s probably because we skipped breakfast and we’re cranky. Good thing the foodie gods heard our laments and sent someone to the rescue: Jorge Prudencio.

Jorge is the General Manager of CakeLove on 15th and U Street but he’s also the savior of breakfast – (and your metabolism if you read any fitness magazines).

With the blessing of Warren Brown, founder of CakeLove, Jorge has started baking fresh bagels for his customers each morning and selling them in the shop. 

Calling his shop within a shop, “Bread Bite Bakery,” Jorge starts making fresh bagels at 5AM each day and doesn’t quit until 7PM.

With a recipe he created from scratch and the freshest ingredients, he’s making soft and warm bagels that any New Yorker will tell you is worth it’s weight in gold.

Maybe we’re a little off base, but no one else in the area makes fresh bagels everyday. Unless you count Dunkin Donuts, in which case you probably think ketchup is spicy and exotic. Again, good for you.

The good news for us – Jorge usually brings by samples of his latest creations each morning. He’s working on expanding his menu to include an olive bread and a baguette – all of which we are more than willing to sample. Continually.

Not that he needs our opinion-  Jorge has been successfully baking for the last 25 years, but he has high hopes of opening his own minimal and modern bakery one day. He’s shooting for perfection and we’re just gluttons critics that are happy to help.

He’s got his own cream cheeses which he makes from scratch and a fancy schmancy, you can’t pronounce me expresso machine too. Yes – it’s that serious.

Seeing as how we’ve been enjoying the bounty of his bagels each day, we decided it would only be fair to share.

The photos are just proof of what we’ve been getting at along: you need to try his bagels. Might we also suggest the sammies. He’ll fry you an egg and some bacon on the spot.


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