A unique retail and service destination.

The 1500 block of U street lead the urban renaissance of the early 90s after decades of struggle following the race riots of ‘68. We helped redefine the original “black broadway” as an arts, entertainment and shopping district and were the initial spark that lead to a boom in redevelopment.

Today, 15&U uniquely stands as one of the few remaining neighborhood blocks made almost exclusively of local and independent businesses. We are a bridge between past and future, an eclectic mix of urban storefronts unlike anywhere else in our rapidly changing area. Vintage boutiques, fashion, furniture, comic books and records; hair salons, beauty and massage parlors; classic eateries, grocery, art and live jazz; dry-cleaning, legal and insurance — we are as diverse as we are unique.

Whether resident or vacationer, come discover what we have to offer and fall in love with the real U street.

Discover the Block

15&U Map

We are on both sides of the 1500 U Street NW block (between 15th street and 16th street) among converted row houses and early 20th century architecture. View the directory to see our member businesses.

Travel Directions

U Street Metro

Take the Green or Yellow line to the U Street Metro station. Exit at the 13th street entrance and walk 2 blocks east to reach 15&U.

Dupont Circle

Travel North up New Hampshire Ave NW at the top of the circle. Once you reach U Street, turn right and you’re on the block!

On Bicycle

15th street is a major bike lane corridor from downtown up to the U street block. We recommend enjoying the lovely tree-lined and safe route if you are coming on bike from downtown, Thomas Circle or Logan Circle area. 

By Car

There are numerous metered street parking spots along the block. Note limited availability in the evenings. The nearest parking garage is located in the Reeves Center at 14th and U, from the U Street side. Looking for an address for GPS?


The Organization

15&U is a cooperative working to support local businesses, promote variety and consumer choice and ensure urban development doesn’t mean losing the heart and soul of a neighborhood. It is was formed by business owners on the 1500 block of U Street and made possible by pro bono contributions, donations and grants. Special thanks to: