Discover the Block

We are a diverse collective of locally-owned businesses in the historic U Street district.

A unique retail and service destination.

The 1500 block of U street lead the urban renaissance of the early 90s after decades of struggle following the race riots of ‘68. We helped redefine the original “black broadway” as an arts, entertainment and shopping district as the initial spark that lead to a boom in redevelopment.

Today, 15&U uniquely stands as one of the few remaining neighborhood blocks made almost exclusively of local and independent businesses. We are a bridge between past and future, an eclectic mix of urban storefronts unlike anywhere else in our rapidly changing area. Vintage boutiques, fashion, furniture, comic books and records; hair salons, beauty and massage parlors; classic eateries, grocery, art and live jazz; dry-cleaning, legal and insurance — we are as diverse as we are unique.

Whether resident or vacationer, come discover what we have to offer and fall in love with the real U street.

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